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ASIP 6 server on the Internet


The G4 server is currently configured with the following:

  • Apple Power Macintosh G4 "Quicksilver 2002"
  • 800MHz G4 7450 CPU
  • 1GB memory
  • 40GB hard disk
  • DVD-ROM/CDRW "Combo" drive
  • Zip 100 drive

At present, a 1TB firewire disk hosts user, software, and public data and a single 2TB external USB disk acts as a backup.

I intend to add 2TB disks for individual home folder and public/group share functionality.

You can see information about how datasets on the server's disks are arranged on the server organization page.

The site is hosted out of my home. I have a 40/2 connection with some static IPs and use of the necessary tools to do mail delivery.

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