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Service Commitment

This content is still under development.

VTools is a best-effort operation. It runs on hardware that is over fifteen years old, out of a residence, on a DSL line.

My promise is to do the following:

  • Run regular backups of data on the machine, to minimize loss in the event of a problem
  • Check on the machine periodically to confirm it is operating as expected
  • Respond to queries about the status of the machine in a timely manner
  • Provide a realistic estimate as to when service will be restored
  • Provide updates if service restoration cannot meet original estimates

With this in mind, please do not run a business on the machine or use it for critical personal communications.

Long term: there is a possibility that at some time in the future, a unpredicted condition will exist that may force me to close vtools. At that point, I promise to do my best to offer users of the machine a copy of the most recent backup of their data. This may take a variable amount of time depending on the exact nature of the incident.

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