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ASIP 6 server on the Internet


This page is a representation of the different things that need to be done to launch vtools. At the initial time of writing, this list is not necessarily in order.

The first table is the things needed to bring the vtools server where I'd like it to be functionally.

Status Task Notes
complete add vtools.68kmla.org RDNS record  

re-install OS 9.2.2 + ASIP 6.3.3

  install new PRAM battery in vtools server  
  install first SATA card in vtools server  
  install first SATA data disk in vtools server  
  install second SATA data disk in vtools server  


The project to add data to the Software share should be considered separate.

Long-term, this project will need to be split between parts that I must do before the file can live on VTools, and parts that other people can do either before or after it makes it to the public "Software" share.

Status Task Notes
in progress

Download Macintosh Garden torrents from Internet Archive

imposing a speed limit on my Mac mini because the disk I'm using for this task is very slow, and also the boot disk.
  Convert files so suitable, standardized formats This includes making duplicate copies of files where appropriate for situations such as OS CD image deployment via modern and old computers.

Test software & games to confirm accuracy and functionality

  Create template for plain text file documentation  
  Document files in plain text files, including basic data such as title, release date, system requirements, additional compatibility notes, and any special instructions for getting it running.  
  Create robust organizational structure reasonable for dealing with hundreds of gigabytes of archived software and data  
  Create and maintain downloadable inventory catalog of entire share  


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