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How to Connect to vtools


vtools is a computer running Mac OS 9.2.2 and AppleShare IP 6.3.3 server software. The target client computers are Mac OS 7 through 9. FTP clients and some early versions of Mac OS X will work as well.

More generic networking information is available at: http://www.applefool.com/se30/.


Classic Mac OS AppleShare connection

Your Classic Mac should have Mac OS 7.5.x or 7.6.x or newer and the newest AppleShare and OpenTransport versions. These are available at http://main.system7today.com/updates.html.You will need the most recently available versions of both Open Transport and AppleShare for your machine. You should download both to a storage location on your local computer before installing them.

  1. Open the Apple menu and select the Chooser application
  2. Click on AppleShare
  3. Click on Server IP Address...
  4. For the IP address, enter vtools.68kmla.org
  5. Enter your user name and password
    If you would like to change your password, enter your use rname and then click on Change Password... which will show you a box asking for your current and a new password
    There are no requirements for passwords. Please us a password you have not used elsewhere
  6. Select the share or shares you would like to use
    You can select more than one share by shift-clicking to select more than one in a row or command-click individual items

Mac OS X AppleShare connection

On compatible versions of Mac OS X:

  1. Be at the desktop in the Finder program
  2. Click on the Go menu in the menu-bar, and then click on Connect to Server...
  3. You may also use the keyboard command [Command] (or Apple logo) + K
  4. Enter the server address vtools.stenoweb.net
  5. Enter your server user name and password, when prompted
  6. Select shares you would like to use. You can hold down the Shift key on the keyboard to select more than one.

FTP Configuration

You can connect to vtools using any FTP client with the server address vtools.stenoweb.net. Use your vtools username and password.

Important note for FTP: If you only have FTP available and you are expecting to have individual file or web storage, please contact me. FTP does not automatically create user folders. I will need to manually create your folder and set the correct permissions for you.

E-Mail configuration

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