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ASIP 6 server on the Internet


The content is still under development.

The intent is for accounts to be available on vtools ealry in 2019.

The current intent is to offer these three types of accounts:

  1. Free User: 68kMLA forum members will be able to get an account for free. This account will have read-only access to the software and read-and-write access to the public share. The generic public share will be cleaned periodically.
  2. System Contributor: People who contribute to the server's hardware or to the software share will be given read-and-write access to the software share and the public share. Preferential treatment is given to contributing members when cleaning the public share.
    Benefits at this level are determined individually and can vary.
  3. Financial Contributor: People who contribute money to the server can get accounts with access to individual home folders, a personal web site, and email.

In addition to individual accounts, groups, group shares, and group or project web sites can be established for needs such as for work on software projects, project web sites, or other collaborative needs. Please contact me for more information.

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